• Rod Meadows

Covid 19

Hello All,

There's not much I can write that you've not already read or heard on the our message is follow the guidance issued but get plenty of fresh air, from this week if the weather is good enjoy time outside after work.

Work safely and correctly, if you're in an occupied workspace wear the provided PPE keep your distance from your work colleagues (especially important at break times, when it seems to lapse) and take good care of yourself and others around you.

It's challenging times folks, my clients are doing it well, in fact one is doing an extraordinary

and fantastic job at looking after their staff, they have put a fridge, microwave in each office (staff each have their own office fortunately) they have a large freezer in the kitchenette full of foodstuffs, they have lunch delivered daily for all staff. the daily meetings are held in the car park 2 M apart, all staff have confirmed they are happy with how things have been implemented and 1 member has stated "its the best and safest place I've ever worked") they even have put small trampolines in a couple of areas for staff to exercise on......well done Trudy (Office / Site Manager).

Keep well all.

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